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    Commodity profiles:

    Mini body shape, can grind up to 30g coffee powder, easy to carry

    Use high-end wood material to make each mill unique in its texture

    Built-in double bearing, energy saving, stability, grinding and upgrading

    Transparent seal bean cover, grind not jump beans

    Grinding handle with hanging storage design, idle and neat and beautiful

    Five-axis cnc refined premium cutting special stainless steel knife plate strong and durable, even shallow baked beans can be handy

    Excellent ergonomics, easier to grind and easier to process

    The best protection against the collision of the mill with a protective shell

    After sgs test, no heavy metals, ceramic grinding powder fine dust and other harmful substances

    This product is covered by 1000 million product liability insurance for rich country


    Product specifications:

    Product name: driver double bearing telescopic mill (with protective shell)

    Model no. dr-ks875-wbr

    Size: mill-expansion-diameter 7cm x high 18cm/close-diameter 7cm x high 13cm

    Handle length-10.3 cm

    Material: grip handle-sus304 stainless steel, logs

    Fuselage case-pc, pp, abs, logs

    Movement-sus304 stainless steel

    Protective shell-eva

    Capacity: approximately 30g

    Weight: about 300g

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