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PRE-ORDER Dalla Corte Studio Espresso Machine
  • PRE-ORDER Dalla Corte Studio Espresso Machine

    -Free high end pitchers & 2kg specialty beans

    -Warranty 3years


    Turn on your turbo; Ignite your dreams- in Yugen,

    let's create most valuable things with us.


    Dalla Corte Technology

    Dalla Corte were the very first to introduce the multi-boiler technology in a coffee machine.

    This technology allows Brewing groups and steam boiler to work independently from one another

    Allowing to turn off the group or the boiler when not in use

    Saving energy while keeping temperature constant for each extraction.

    Brewhead is made of Special Brass alloy that helps maintain the temperature with an accuracy of +/- .01 of a degree celcius

    100% lead free



    -Equipped with the same steam wand (lever operation) as the DC -Professional Series machines

    -Has dual boiler and is thermally independent

    -Rotary Pump system

    -54mm portafilter basket as default

    -58mm portafilter basket kit available, if required

    -can be plumbed to fresh water connection or be used using a 4L water tank

    -comes with a Barista Kit


    Technical specifications

    Dimensions (l x h x p)

    321 x 390,4 x 400 mm



    27.5 kg


    Maximum power

    1970 kW


    Connected load

    230/240 V 50-60 Hz


    Boiler capacity

    1.5 L


    Ability of independent groups

    0.5 L


    Water tank

    4 L


    Timer + Front illumination


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