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Japan Yamama Genmaicha Tea Powder Authentic
  • Japan Yamama Genmaicha Tea Powder Authentic

    CompanyYamama Masudaen CO.,LTD.

    Japan Yamama Genmaicha Tea Powder Authentic 1kg


    Access1687 Kami Asahina, Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 437-1601, Japan

    Certification record2003 ISO14001 certification (until 2015)

    2004 Organic JAS certification (processing)

    2005 Organic JAS certification (cultivation)

    2016 Food safety management system “FSSC22000” certification


    Cultivation management-

    We have built a “traceability system” and cooperate with farmers to ensure safe tea production by thoroughly maintaining the “pesticide safety use pledge”, “tea garden cultivation management record book” and “tea garden ledger”. Together with cooperating farmers, we patrol the tea plantation and grasp the growth situation of the year, predict the start time of picking, yield, and pest control.


    Manufacturing process control-

    We manage the rough tea process and the finishing tea process. In the process, we are trying to thoroughly utilize the flowchart and check function. By visualizing such management work, we believe that “safety and security” can be delivered to our customers.

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