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Official Malaysia Beanknown Smart Coffee Roaster
  • Official Malaysia Beanknown Smart Coffee Roaster

    Malaysia Beanknown Smart Coffee Roaster- proudly produced by our engineer.

    500g, 1kg, 2 kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg> 120kg


    - free raw bean 60kg.

    - warranty 3years

    - engineer support


    BeanKnown Smart Roaster is designed to meet requirements of Industry 4.0 (IoT)so that we are able to develop both input(green bean supply to roaster) and output(roasted bean storage) to complete a BeanKnown Smart Factory.


    Prominent Features of Beanknown Smart Coffee Roaster

    Operating System: Custom-developed software, compatible with Windows (computer) and Android (tablet/smartphone)

    Roasting Profile: Auto generated roasting data, transferable via Bluetooth

    Roasting Mechanics: Power, fan, and drum mode adjustable from 0-100 to help roasters fully explore flavour potentials and create the preferred taste.


    Beanknown 1KG Specifications

    Roasting Capacity: 100-1200g

    Roasting Method: Semi-hot blast and semi direct-fire

    Heat Source: LPG, 40°C hike per minute

    Cooling System: Independent cooling fan, room temperature achievable in 2 minutes

    Drive System: Geared motor

    Power Control Range: 0-100 digit

    Air Control Range: 0-100 digit

    Drum Speed Control Range: 0-100 rpm

    Accessories: Sampling scoop & dust drum

    Size: 100cm(L) x 50cm(W) x 72cm(H)

    Weight: 68kg

    Machine Colour: Customisable upon request

    Voltage: 220V

    Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

    Power: 900W


    Made in Malaysia

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