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    PRE-ORDER Driver Coffee Hand Grinder AUTHENTIC
    ▌Product introduction
    【Minimalist shape, low-key luxury】-Using high-end log materials, each grinder is a unique log texture
    [Perfect ratio, easy to carry]-Detachable handle and lightweight body with excellent grip, easy to store and no burden to go out
    【Adjustable thickness, no limit】-Adopt multi-step scale adjustment, all kinds of brewing equipment are applicable
    [Good helper for fine coffee]-Special stainless steel cutter head for five-axis CNC refined special cutting
    Sturdy and durable even lightly roasted beans
    [Improvement of Grinding Uniformity]-Patented bearing mechanism design to reduce the scale jumping condition during grinding
    [Qualified by SGS inspection]-Qualified by SGS inspection, free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, ceramic grinding powder
    [Safety is guaranteed]-This product is insured by Fubon 10 million product liability insurance
    【Made in Taiwan】-100% made in Taiwan, complete parts, guaranteed quality
    The greatest enjoyment of operating a manual grinder are incessant whiffs of dry aroma,
    revealing a multi-layered original bean flavor. Happiness is nothing less than this.
    【Minimalist design and unassuming luxury】-
    Made of high-end log, each grinder features unique texture.
    【Perfectly-proportioned and easy to carry】-
    The detachable handle and easy-to-hold compact body ensures great portability.
    【Adjustable thickness without limits】-
    Multi-segment scale suits all types of coffee-making utensils.
    【A good help for specialty coffee】-
    Specially manufactured by five-axle CNC, the solid and durable stainless-steel
    cutter head makes it easy to process even the lightly-baked beans.
    【Grinding eveness UP UP】-
    Patented bearings reduce scale fluctuations in the grinding process.
    SGS-certified, free of such harmful substances as heavy metals, ceramic grinding powder and dust.
    The product has been insured with Fubon product liability insurance worth 10 million.
    ‧100% made in Taiwan with full parts and grunted quality.
    ▌Commodity specifications
    Product Name: Driver Stainless Steel Mini Grinder
    Model: DR-KS873-WN
    Size: bean grinder-diameter 4.5cm x height 12.5cm / handle length -10.3cm
    Material: Grip-SUS304 stainless steel. Rubber wood
    Body shell-PP. Rubber wood. Silicone
    Movement-SUS304 stainless steel‧Capacity: 15g
    Weight: about 194.4
    The wood powder box is recommended not to wash as much as possible, you can use a bean brush to remove the coffee powder
    If the wood powder box is washed, please wipe the water above as much as possible, then dry naturally (do not put it in the dryer to dry
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