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Coffee Expert Concierge Geesaa Dancer Malaysia Aiot Drip Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Expert Concierge Geesaa Dancer Malaysia Aiot Drip Coffee Machine

    - Coffee Expert Concierge -

    「Your time is irreplaceable ; but drip coffee can be.」



    A milestone in the coffee industry- GEESAA DANCER Malaysia Artificial Intelligent Aiot Drip Coffee Machine

    ----- Designated by the Presidential Office of Taiwan -----




    GEESAA is an intelligent coffee maker that perfectly replicates the flavor of professional pour-over coffee, any time of day!



    Just imagine having your very own master barista to make you a delicious cup of pour-over coffee, wherever you want it and whenever you want it.


    Well, now you don’t have to just imagine!



    Meet GEESAA, a smart pour-over coffee maker that brings together the expertise of baristas with the convenience and flexibility of an automatic coffee maker.



    Designed with a spinning arm to replicate the ideal hand-pouring technique, GEESAA delivers an even, precise and consistent brew, letting you enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee whenever you like!



    Made for all coffee lovers, GEESAA features a range of fully-customizable parameters and a selection of top-quality, built-in recipes created by baristas. So no matter your skill level, you will be able to enjoy a cup of pour-over coffee that tastes like it’s been made by a professional!



    No two varieties of coffee have the same brewing requirements; each have their ideal water temperatures, brew styles and water pour-over speeds. With GEESAA’s custom-built APP, you can adjust these settings and more to extract the most flavor and aroma from your coffee.



    Without using the APP, you can press the button on the machine, or scan your NFC card to use the classic recipes from baristas. Then, you'll just need to add your favorite beans, put your carafe onto the base, and set your own parameters. Then, you can relax and wait for the most nuanced notes for your ideal cup of coffee.



    Pour-over coffee is easy, isn’t it?


    Well, a mediocre cup of coffee might be easy, but hand-crafting a great cup of pour-over coffee is definitely not. This is where GEESAA shines: it creates a fuss-free cup of pour-over coffee for you that is personalized to your tastes and always consistent.



    GEESAA’s unique spinning arm mimics the arm of a barista. Unlike other coffee machines, GEESAA gently pours water in an Archimedean spiral path, moving from an inner ring to an outer ring, evenly extracting the essence of your chosen coffee beans, resulting in a richer and more authentic taste.



    GEESAA also features a base that rotates as during the brewing process to deliver a more even pour-over, just like a barista pouring water over in a rotating motion.



    With its impeccable design, GEESAA will take pride of place in any workplace. It can help you connect with your colleagues during breaks, find inspiration in your day, and you can always impress your clients with the superior taste!



    GEESAA App


    Download through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

    Connect it to GEESAA via a QR Code located on the side of the machine






    Why need Aiot system?

    營業時段以 NFC 感應迅速演算數據 /

    機身含可追溯已執行過沖煮參數記錄,達20 組快速記憶 /

    通過cloud數據服務實踐Aiot物聯網人工智能 /

    以及下載專業人士recipe /


    再現參數,men power ;




    Aiot coffee how to change your life ?

    「Have ever thought of using time as a ruler?」


    「How many barista you need in a shop with 40seats?May 1 enough.」


    「Please note that you only have 4k weeks, be a highly effective people, whether at office, home, cofe shop」


    「Building a mathematical simulation of barista pour-over movement to recreate the perfect coffee.」


    「When AI is calculating the data, next batch of coffee beans are ready to be grinded」


    「For those who are working extremely hard to achieve success, still can savor the superior lifestyle and efficiency」


    「Industrial Transformation- Increase barista salaries; Reduce laborer 50%」


    「Record your formulated for success in vinyl record player !」



    Designed to meets requirements of industry 4.0,


    artificial intelligence cofe machine is a good idea, although machines cannot completely replace people, they can greatly improve happiness and win back your time. This is the greatest healing in life. Free your hands!

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