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    「 You are highly effective people 」

    「building a mathematical simulation of barista pour-over movement to recreate the perfect coffee.」


    「When AI is calculating the data, next batch of coffee beans are ready to be grinded」


    「For those who are working extremely hard to achieve success, still can savor the superior lifestyle and efficiency」


    「Industrial Transformation- Increase barista salaries; Reduce laborer 50%」


    [Brings together a team of engineers, 25 world champion barista n roaster]




    Suitable:Hotel, business, design studio, clothing & bookstore, office, private dining, dessert shop, specialty cofe shop, product launch, car show, art gallery.


    Ignite your dreams- in Yugen 🔥

    Free your hands from now !







    | Customizable brewing parameters | NEW


    The exclusive app enables you to configure professional pour-over coffee parameters, you can decide how you want to brew your coffee beans.





    | Patented spiral nozzle |


    The patented spiral nozzle allows precise control of water temperature, flow speed, flow path, pour frequency and bloom time.





    | Patented silicone filter cup holder | NEW


    Besides brewing coffee using the iDrip pour-over sachet, it is also compatible with coffee filter cups on the market such as V60 or Origami.





    | Large volume quick brew mode | NEW


    Brews 270ml large serving coffee in 2 minutes.





    | Bluetooth pairing with the smartphone app | NEW


    Connect with the coffee machine via Bluetooth to enjoy the fun of controlling the coffee machine remotely!





    | Simple one-button operation |


    Quick keys allow you access frequently used brewing techniques.






    THE KEY OF iDrip's TASTE:


    1. Professional Quality Control

    All taste was chosen, roasted by top barista,Quality control by 20 person world barista champion.




    2. Precisely Control

    Water flow control,the key point of pour over coffee. iDrip's patent faucet could control steaming time,output,temperature,speed and route precisely.




    3. The Method Of Champion

    Brewing with craftsmanship of champion. Show the rich taste of coffee beans. No need to worry about any mistake or waste.




    4. AI Brewing

    The input data about the procedure will be idenify by scanning the barcode with AI and IOT technology.The information about coffee and barista will be informed by push notification while brewing. It will also recommend palatable coffee according to personal preference. Make experience full of joy.






    Brewing a decent cup of pour-over coffee?

    Time/labor-saving and easy to clean


    There is no need for various coffee accessories for pour-over coffee, and there is no need to wash the machine after every use, perfect for busy and lazy people. If your life is tiresome enough, leave brewing a perfect cup of pour-over coffee to iDrip DaVinci S!





    Enjoying a decent cup of coffee

    can be an easy, laid back experience


    Brewing the best coffee in the world with just one button on machine:

    Built-in 6 quick brew models

    Press and hold the quick key on the coffee machine to access the built-in quick brew techniques directly-


    1. Large cup light roast

    2. Medium cup light roast

    3. Large cup dark roast

    4. Medium cup dark roast

    5. Square pour-over sachet

    6. Classic techniques





    Brewing your exclusive coffee:

    - Adjust water volume/ Pour time

    - Adjust rotation path

    - Adjust interval time

    - Adjust rotation speed








    A milestone in the coffee industry


    A coffee machine that is always ahead of its time


    iDrip is the world’s first OTA-enabled coffee machine that can update its firmware directly through the Internet to let you enjoy more new and diverse functions. Just like Tesla in the automotive industry and iPhone in the smartphone industry, iDrip, the smartest coffee machine in the coffee industry, was revealed to the world. You will not only enjoy a coffee machine but also an AI coffee brewing system that advances with technological development, offering you an immersive, scintillating coffee experience.






    - Model : IDE-102-1T

    - Rated power : 1,200W

    - External dimensions : LxWxH (19x19x48cm)

    - Rated voltage and frequency : 220v/60Hz AC

    - Water tank volume : 700ml

    - Weight : 6.6kg

    - USB : For professional engineers only (please do not plug in any charging device)

    - RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances Labels) information:

    - Made in : Taiwan




    Designed to meets requirements of industry 4.0,


    artificial intelligence cofe machine is a good idea, although machines cannot completely replace people, they can greatly improve happiness and won back your time. This is the greatest healing in life. Free your hands!
















    Default Recipe:




    Quick brewing step:

    1. app

    2. bluetooth

    3. device

    4. select device

    5. setting

    6. quick brewing






    1. Kindly use independent socket

    2. Need subcription recipe plan after warranty, (RM30-50/ year)

    3. Warranty included 3years

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