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PRE-ORDER RealChai™ Organic Chai Latte 1kg POWDER PREMIXED

PRE-ORDER RealChai™ Organic Chai Latte 1kg POWDER PREMIXED






DESCRIPTION: RealChai™ Organic Chai Latte is here!!! 

It's our RealChai loose leaf blend you know and love ground into a delicious spice, tea mixed with sweeten= powder. 

Oh My God! YES!

It's best of both worlds, pure chai and fast. 

We've always turned our nose up at powder chais (hey our name is RealChai after all).  

We couldn't bear all the crazy things that were added to them, maltodextrin, whey powder, milk powder, corn syrup, flavours, processed sugar (soooo much sugar), anti-caking agents, colours... the list goes on and on!

But people want fast... I get it. So, I asked myself "what if we could make an instant chai that only contained actual chai?" Yup. Real Spices and Real Tea. And what if we could sweeten it with something better. Hello, organic raw panela sugar.

Well we did it. And I gotta say... it's really quite amazing. We really should have done it sooner.

Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Vegan. No flavours. No fillers. Made with 100% certified organic ingredients. 

    WHO'S IT FOR:  If you want your RealChai in an instant this one is for you. Make it at work. When you're in a rush. When you're not in a rush (just 'cause it tastes so damn good).  It's perfect for everyone, everywhere :-).

    Made in AUS

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