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PRE-ORDER OFFICIAL Sanremo F18 Espresso Machine 2g
  • PRE-ORDER OFFICIAL Sanremo F18 Espresso Machine 2g

    -Free 3high end pitchers & 5kg specialty beans

    -Warranty 3years


    Turn on your turbo; Ignite your dreams- in Yugen,

    let's create most valuable things with us.






    Inspired by the world of military aviation, F18 brings all its might into international coffee shops. A painstaking teamwork led to this new model, which is winning hearts in our community while bringing forth several new features into our range. Clear lines surround a new low-voltage electronics to ensure flawless extraction every time.


    A new user interface allowing to set and control all available parameters (from preset to service) with a few touches. Having everything under control has never been easier with the new Sanremo F18. The Multiboiler Realtime Stability system ensures complete independence between steam and coffee output; as such, these two operations do not affect each other and guarantee a great coffee every time.




    - PID heat control and insulated boilers


    - Electronically-controlled temperature stability (± 0.2 °C / ± 32°F)


    - Flowactive System: personalized pre-infusion for every single selection


    - Energy-efficient: uses 35% less C02 than a single boiler machine


    - Touch screen display to control all machine parameters


    - Cool Touch stainless steel steam wands


    - Quarter turn stainless steel steam knobs


    - Colors: Black or White


    - Proper water filtration and receptacle outlet required (sold separately)


    What is the primary difference between the Sanremo F18 and F18SB?


    The Sanremo F18 is a multi-boiler espresso machine, whereas, the FB18SB is a single-boiler espresso machine. There are some similarities between the two espresso machines. However, based on standard features, the F18SB is placed between the Sanremo Zoe Competition and the F18 espresso machines.








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